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This site is totally free for the public to browse. There are no graphic images. But for those who are considering if to buy / own Lara or for those curious or who just want to see and learn more about how to use and care for a silicone sex doll or love doll then access is restricted to those over 18. A small fee guarantees entry to the exclusive "no holds barred" section of our website where much more graphic photography is provided.

In order to prove you are 18 or above you must access this section with a credit card. A small token payment will give you complete access for three months. More than enough time to decide if doll ownership is for you.

What are the benefits of owning a silicone doll. More details below...

Sandra Model

love doll

Which companion is right for you at this moment in your life?

Activity / Resource
Silicone DollWifeGirlfriendCall Girls Casual Sex No partner
Sex on demandAlways SometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesNo
Sexual diseases NoNoNoSometimesSometimesNo
Monthly changes NoYesYesYesNoNo
Mood Swings NoYesYesNoNoNo
Effort on your partNoYesYesNoNoNo
You must be faithfullNoYesYesNoNoNo
You must be soberNoSometimesSometimesSometimesNoNo
You must consider herNoYesYesSometimesNoNo
You must be politeNoYesYesYesYesNo
Long lingering loveYesSometimesSometimesNoNoNo
Weird stuff YesSometimesSometimesNoYesNo
Requires feeding NoYesYesNoNoNo
Requires payment NoNoNoYesNoNo
Requires Romance NoYesYesNoNoNo
Will be unfaithfulNoSometimesSometimesYesYesNo
Will get bored with youNoMaybeMaybeNoNoNo


Do any of these statements agree with your current situation:

I have a healthy sex drive but I am either alone but not lonely, alone and lonely, not alone and not lonely or not alone yet lonely. A silicone doll is the right companion for you if you are any of the above. Lara provides stimulation and comfort to those who find themselves with time on their hands. Perhaps you have nothing more excting to do on a Saturday night. You find telly is boring. Chat lines are expensive. Call girls expensive and sexually unresponsive. You might find you have special needs or extreme sexual demands. Lara is a fantastic 21st centry way to bring sexual relief to you time and again. She is always ready. You can dress her up. Casual or Posh. Uniforms or day wear. So you harbor a fetish for something kinky? No problem! Lara is ready with you. The excitement of going out and buying the right clothes. The shopping online for that perfect outfit. There are so many websites to go to. And local shops will have everyday wear. Remember you are buying for your girlfriend if the shop assistant asks any question. Just say its her birthday and you want to suprise her. So its been six months and hey guess what Lara is not bugging you for a new outfit! Only YOU choose what she wears...

Christmas coming up? How about a playful Mrs Santa outfit to make her look red hot on Christmas Eve. Woohhh looking that HOT you will not be going to sleep. But you will be going to bed!





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